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Typical Issue

A typical issue of Late to the Party 🎉 includes the following sections:

  • The Latest Fashion - 3 Links to great machine learning projects.
  • My Current Obsession - Relevant developments and neat things I did.
  • Thing I Like - Something that made my neurodivergent life easier.
  • Hot Off the Press - New pieces of content from around the web I created.
  • Python Deadlines - New and upcoming deadlines for
  • Machine Learning Insight - Deep Dive into the ML topic from last week.
  • Question of the Week - Challenge to think deep about an AI topic.
  • Tidbits from the Web - 3 links to content around the web I enjoyed.

Just mix and match what you want to read!

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🦉 Birds of night are a hoot. They give it owl they've got!

How are you doing today? We’ve got some fresh, hot machine learning right from the source today!

  • CNet ran a bunch of AI-generated articles and found errors in more than 50% in hindsight
  • Pyvista looks really nice for 3D visualization in Python
  • You can write GPT from scratch in 60 lines

Visit Issue #116
Issue Header Image
🐰 I’m so egg-cited, and I just can’t hide it

I am deeply enjoying the long Easter weekend here, but I won’t deprive you of your weekly machine learning dose!

  • I loved this annotated version of the transformer paper for deeper understanding!
  • F-strings are great, but I can never remember the number formatting. Here’s a cheat sheet!
  • The Learning interpretability tool is a nifty often source platform for ML explainability

Visit Issue #121
Issue #151 Header Image
🎉 I like this newsletter in party-cular

it’s been 2 years of this newsletter! 🥳

In these anniversary issues, I like to go through the last year of writing this weekly newsletter and see what everyone liked. So, in case you missed these awesome links, this is what everyone else enjoyed!

  • The Explainer Dashboard for interactive exploration of machine learning models
  • Messing up code is easy, and Dangit, git?! to find the right command to untangle the mess
  • Everyone loved the idea of easier matplotlib subplots with mosaics.

Visit Issue #93
Issue #104 Header Image
🎨 We put the Art in Artificial Intelligence!

what an eventful week. Twitter seems to be dying slowly, and winter has eventually arrived. Let’s warm our hearts with some machine learning!

  • Facebook created a “scientific AI” called Galactica, and it was terrible and pulled after only 3 days.
  • Quantus is an explainable AI kit that uses different XAI techniques.
  • Notion has developed a writing AI, and you can sign up for the Beta Waitlist now!

Visit Issue #104
Issue #151 Header Image
🎄 Lucky I got an advent calendar, their days are numbered

The Christmas season started! Let’s look at some merry machine learning!

  • Love this idea! They published a high-quality audiobook version of the Stochastic Parrot Paper!
  • The Incredible Pytorch is a curated list of various content around Pytorch
  • Friends don’t let friends make pie charts.

Visit Issue #151

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Meet the Creator

Jesper Dramsch (they/them) works at the intersection of machine learning and physical, real-world data with 8 years of experience.

Currently, they're working as a scientist for machine learning in numerical weather prediction at the coordinated organisation ECMWF.

Jesper is a fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute, creating awareness and educational resources around the reproducibility of machine learning results in applied science. Before, they have worked on applied exploratory machine learning problems, e.g. satellites and Lidar imaging on trains, and defended a PhD in machine learning for geoscience. During the PhD, Jesper wrote multiple publications and often presented at workshops and conferences, eventually holding keynote presentations on the future of machine learning in geoscience.

Moreover, they worked as consultant machine learning and Python educator in international companies and the UK government. They create educational notebooks on Kaggle applying ML to different domains, reaching rank 81 worldwide out of over 100,000 participants and their video courses on Skillshare have been watched over 128 days by over 4500 students. Recently, Jesper was invited into the Youtube Partner programme creating videos around programming, machine learning, and tech.

Jesper Dramsch is the creator of,, and the Latent Space Community.

Jesper Dramsch